Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lego Series 17 Surfer and Veterinarian Minifigs...

I've seen collectors complain about getting another surfer in the Lego minifig collection, but this is all new to me so I love it! Additionally, the shark print on his board could not be more fun! This surfer makes a perfect passenger for my custom VW Van...

The veterinarian came with a small bunny, which could be a nice piece for other dioramas. I didn't have any medical personnel to look after my small group of Lego animals, plus I loved her print and hair piece...

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lego Series 17 Minifigures

The Butterfly Girl was high on my list of Series 17 Lego Minifigs, I'll admit- hardly a masculine choice, but she was too cute to be concerned with such matters! The colorful design imbedded in the clear wings, flower prints on the hairpiece and face, and bouquet accessory make this minifig extra special. Pictured below, the Butterfly girl mingles with her new friends from the Lego Fun in the Park People Pack I reviewed this past March...

I was surprised at how delighted I was with the Baker with her strawberry pie and whisk accessories- delightful! Maybe the small build from the Lego Blue Creativity Box could be the exterior of her small bakery- that's how we play with our toys at the Super-DuperToyBox   :)  Buy that Creativity Box at this link for best value!

I couldn't resist posing the '80s Yuppie minifig in front of the sole urban Lego structure in my collection, the Lego Store. The Lego Store was part of the larger Lego City Square (60097), and probably my favorite build to date!

I have a feeling '80s Yuppie is a little too casual for the Business Woman from my Lego Fun in the Park People Pack! Perhaps her prim appearance belies a fun gal who would like to meet a footloose guy like the Yuppie, however...

Last and likely least, the Strongman- not that he's a bad minifig, just low on my personal list. That said, the mustache attachment is nice, and I like the printed barbell. He doesn't really fit into my existing Lego collection thematically, but he's done well, if somewhat plain. While I really liked all these, I'll likely pursue more minifigs from this Wave 17 as some of the others that interested me more initially have yet to be found!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Lego City Police, Capt. America Polybags, Blue Creativity Box & More!

I'd seen both these polybags at Target in the past, but let them slip through my hands- I was glad to find them again this past weekend. Not sure why I passed on the Capt. America Cycle initially, but the more I've gotten into the Lego City line, the more attractive the police car polybag looked. The car itself is unimpressive, but could be useful as the base for a larger build. The minifig is great- I love the torso deco!

This is the Civil War Capt. America- combined with the bike with cannon sidecar, it was a great value at under four bucks. The bike has no stickers or printing, but I admire it's simplicity, and the red wheels give it just enough personality. I have a few other Capt. America minifigs I love, but didn't have a Marvel film version of the star-spangled Avenger.


I've tried not to buy any of these Lego Creativity Boxes as I inherited a respectable haul of Legos last year, but just loved the blue one too much. At under five bucks a pop, they're a cheap thrill, and the builds were adorable! I was also interested in the inspiration I might get for my own creations...


I could not resist this cute little Custom Lego VW Surf Van by Custom Brick Creations! Normally I'd prefer to do the building myself, but this was just too much fun and I may have found a source for parts- their online store looks vast! Along with, I could build variants of existing builds. I don't own any surfer minifigs, so Aquaman got to sit in on this session for scaling purposes   :D

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Friday, April 14, 2017

BootLego Greenpool & Deadpool Bicycle to Lego Store

I found a green Lego bicycle to complement the red one included in my Fun in the Park City People Pack recently, and as I'm so happy with the Lego Store build I reviewed in March, BootLego Greenpool and Deadpool seemed the best candidates to cycle over and check out some of the new merchandise within...

Inside, Greenpool and Deadpool find the new Lego statuettes I recently purchased on eBay, which are even smaller than the white Lego Microfig on display! I acquired a few Lego Star Wars Microfigs at the end of 2015, which like the Lego Statuettes are more often hard to locate and expensive. Even my toys have toys!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Speed Race Pit Stop & Rodger Dodger

Related to my recent Lego fascination, read my recent post on the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels Speed Race Pit Stop & Rodger Dodger over at the Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog. After a few builds, I've come to the conclusion that I prefer the quality of Lego over Mega Bloks. For the most part, Lego vehicles are more genuinely creative builds, relying less on specialized parts. Still, I love these HW original designs in brick form, and am a fan of Mega Bloks minifigs, particularly these simple, helmeted racers. I have some more articulated Mega Bloks minifigs, but these are my favorite. Check out the video:

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Monday, April 10, 2017

BootLego Joker Catwoman & Penguin

Yes, more BootLego minifigs, two of these character designs based on the Lego Batman series! If the Penguin, Joker, and Catwoman aren't the Trinity of Batman's gallery of Rogues, they certainly are contenders!

Catwoman's removable cowl reveals two unique expressions, which when combined with her utility belt piece and whip accessory make her a wonderful minifig...

This BootLego Penguin with a lavender hat differs from the character portrayed in Lego Batman, more classic and vaguely '66 Batman. I love the short legs and "white-gloved" hands...

This is the best Joker minifig I have- love the wild hair, extensive torso detail, dual expression! The dynamite accessory is perfect for this agent of anarchy. There is another version with coat and tails, but I favor the exposed vest and sleeves on this one...

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lego Fun in the Park City People Pack

The Lego Fun in the Park- City People Pack (60134) is a great mix of City People that would be a great addition to any Lego enthusiast's collection! It's heavy on family-oriented character's, as a day in the park would be, with an excellent hot dog stand and vendor. Check out the video:

Of note within this set are the boy in a wheelchair, and new infant minifig. The wheelchair a new mold designed to accommodate a minifig, with a new type of wheel different than the bike wheel that pegs onto a small Lego axle.  

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lego Storage Head S

I ordered this small Lego Storage Head from an eBay seller in Asia for a better price than what I was finding domestically. Lego makes a female, jack-o-lantern, and skull version of this, as well as a larger sized storage head. I bought it mostly for the novelty, but it is full of Legos now! Check out the video:

Below, the Lego Storage Head dwarfs a standard Lego minifig head...

The Lego Storage Head S is compatible with my Lego Storage Bricks...

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